Conclusion questions 1

Choice C is correct because it basically restates what we determined to be the Conclusion questions 1 choice. And this is an example of the argument type where two premises work together to Conclusion questions 1 a conclusion.

So with the knowledge that we have the conclusion we now need to go through the choices and find the one that most closely resembles it. Saying that publishers should publish more e-books and saying that publishers should stop publishing print books are two very different things.

They may seem similar on a superficial reading but in fact this choice adds new information and is wrong. This question type tests your ability to recognize arguments, since the ability to figure out whether a statement is a premise or conclusion is something you need to have in order to evaluate arguments.

The question will ask you to choose the conclusion that restates the actual conclusion in the argument or that is the most appropriate and reasonable conclusion give the information in the passage. And in those variations of the conclusion question type where the argument does contain a conclusion the correct choice is simply going to restate it.

Incorrect answers will add new information, have a shift in terms, use extreme language, or restate one of the premises. Now take a look at this example for a common variation: As with the previous example the first thing that you should do is analyze the content to see if you can find a conclusion.

You need to look for premise and conclusion indicators and try to figure out the basic structure of the argument. Choice C is the correct answer because it combines the two premises in the argument and articulates the logical conclusion. The first sentence presents context and background info and the second sentence is the main conclusion in the argument.

Choice A is incorrect because it simply restates one of the premises. This is a simplified version of a conclusion question and our approach to doing this question like it would be for all conclusion questions is to first analyze the content and look for premise and conclusion indicators as well as for statements that interpret or evaluate information.

Furthermore, all the premises in the passage will provide support for one of the answer choices. B Publishing houses need to publish more books on cd. Any time you see new information on a conclusion question answer choice you can safely know that the choice is incorrect.

The main point of the argument is that A The way that publishing houses can be most environmentally-friendly is to stop publishing books printed on recycled paper.

Each conclusion question type contains a passage that can be either an argument or just a collection of statements. In the above case you should be able to see that there are no obvious premise and conclusion indicators.

Pay attention to the meaning of key concepts and whether that meaning shifts from the content to the answer choice.Activity Careers in Identity 1. A forensic anthropologist applies the scientific study of the humans to answer legal questions.

Writing a Conclusion

Some other possible job responsibilities of someone in this career are working along side a homicide hunter, if you are called in. Conclusion Questions 1.

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Conclusion questions. In this article, I will be discussing the “conclusion” question type, which appears regularly in every test, often not more than twice per section and usually towards the front and middle.

HBS Joints and Range of Motion Based off of conclusion questions and vocabulary in and Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

Conclusion Questions - You also need to complete the Student Resource Sheet that I handed out in class. 1. What cellular components do some bacterial cells have that make them powerful pathogens?

Explain your answer.

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Conclusion questions 1
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