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All strands of Media Studies focus on media language, representations, audiences and industries. The students also have an opportunity to plan, script, shoot and edit their own short film, ready for exhibition.

Are curious about how the Media is structured, owned, used and controlled. Have any ambition to work in an area of the Film, Media or Communications. At the end of Year 9, students create a piece of extended coursework based on the study of narrative.

For the television topic, students study UK television programmes form various genres. The students explore a number of texts from the film, television, print, music and gaming industries.

For the coursework unit, students research films and other media associated with their film genre of choice. AS For the exam-assessed unit, students deconstruct numerous media texts through micro- and macro-analysis. They study texts from a wide range of print, moving image, and emedia platforms.

Whilst there is a practical element to the course, you do need to apply your English skills because the examination requires timed essay skills over an extended period.

If you would like more information about Edusites Media, get in touch using the contact details below. For each, they create their own media texts such as magazine covers, adverts, and television promotion material. Is this the course for me?

If you intend to take GCSE Media Studies, you should be interested in media and the industries that produce, promote and control them. For the second unit exam assessedstudents analyze a variety of contemporary texts from three different media industries.

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Want to study a course that is both practical and academic. Please subscribe or log in to access the rest of this resource including associated media. The first piece focuses on the study of representation through the deconstruction of print and moving image advertising texts.

The course will suit students if they: As this is a very competitive market promotion is used to inform the public about what music is available. Students may choose between 5 topics that will allow them to present work in a range of media including TV, film and print.

Media Studies

They also create a corresponding media production, which is then evaluated. It is in your lounge, your bedroom and maybe even in your bathroom. The basic business concept is the same — to sell a product for more than it costs to make it, and so create a profit that is used to pay the creators of the music.

But if it is not treated as a product then musicians, composers, and many other people would not be able to make a living from doing what they do best. They also study important social contexts and concepts of ideology and industry. A2 For the coursework module, A Level media students complete an investigation into media texts based on the key concepts of genre, narrative, and representation.

As part of that, our students can expect to make print and video-based work like film posters, TV advertisements, extracts from horror films and music videos.

How will I be assessed? Coursework tasks will require creative and technical skills involved in filmmaking and also visual design using Photoshop. The final exam is minutes in length. They begin by extensive research and planning. Enjoy creative work — designing, writing, photography, Photoshop, video and editing.

Paper 1 focuses on media language, representation, audience and industry in a range of media platforms. It is part of the Creative Arts Business which includes cinema and theatre, where music is an integral part of their activities. The second is an analysis of the concept of genre through a number of moving image texts.

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Understanding The Music Industry & Music Industry Websites

Record companies pay for the production, promotion and distribution of music. No matter how hard you might try, you cannot escape it. Additionally, GCSE media students explore a wide range of media across various platforms, gaining experience of different genres and industries.

Recent topics have included the music industry, television drama, advertising and film promotion. For the film industry topic, students study British independent films and Hollywood blockbusters.General Certificate of Secondary Education June Media Studies /PM Unit 1 Investigating the Media Topic The Music Press: Print and Online Preliminary Material To be opened and issued to candidates on or after Tuesday 7 May After this date the teacher may advise the candidate but formal teaching should cease.

- Suggested Approaches to the Music Industry 19 5. Useful Resources 20 expectations and guidance in delivering GCSE Media Studies can be accessed in the following ways: examination papers for foundation and higher. There will be one examination. Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Media Studies, Hot Entries, Music, Music Industry The music industry is the name for the way the music we want to hear is delivered to us.

It is part of the Creative Arts Business which includes cinema and theatre, where music. May 26,  · GCSE Media Music Industry Assessment – Eduqas Media MrsCloseMedia GCSE, Media Studies May 26, 1 Minute I’m not quite sure how we are at the point of gained time, but I totally am now – year 11 and year 13 all have their exam on the same day after half term and now the attention turns to year 10 and preparing them for the exams they.

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GCSE Media Music Industry Assessment – Eduqas Media

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Gcse media the music industry essay
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