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This book includes illustrative examples, diagrams, tables and flowcharts and dissects the IPO roadmap into layers to provide an in-depth analysis and better understanding of the issues that need to be considered in listing a company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The authors share their real-life experience in handling critical listing matters from accounting, tax and internal control perspectives; Easy to read: The book is written in a plain and straight forward manner for easy understanding and covers the following areas: Their major responsibilities include: The sponsor Under the Listing Rules, every applicant must appoint a sponsor for the listing application.

One-stop guide which takes the reader throughout the entire IPO journey from pre-IPO preparation to the actual listing process and post listing stage; and Comprehensive: The salient features of this publication: Post-listing Within 30 days after the publication of the prospectus Exercising an over-allotment option if any.

This book is able to assist the readers in planning their listing projects and alert them the potential challenges in a listing journey.

Financial printer The financial printer is primarily responsible for typesetting, translating and printing the prospectus and application forms.

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This book covers areas which include the applications of listing rules relating to listing qualification, disclosure of financial information, tax compliance, corporate structure, internal control, corporate governance as well as major post-listing compliance with listing rules. Industry consultant The industry consultant is usually engaged for the purpose of conducting market research and analysis, which will be disclosed in the prospectus.

The book is a must have IPO reference book. The book is written by a group of qualified accountants and led by capital market professionals with extensive experience in providing assurance, tax, internal control review and transaction advisory services to both companies which are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and companies with the prospective to list.

Reporting accountants The major duties of the reporting accountants include: Internal control consultant The internal control consultant is responsible for: Apart from learning the pre-listing requirements, the book also introduces the major post-listing obligations to the readers.

This book is a valuable resource for corporate executives, professional practitioners and academics as it provides technical guidance on the application of the Listing Rules and offers recommendations to address issues encountered in the listing process. The property valuation report will be included in the prospectus.

It provides practical solutions to tackle issues in an IPO process and explanations of listing rules in a form of plain language. The book starts by giving readers a general overview of the global IPO environment and the characteristics of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and then discusses key considerations of an IPO in the areas of accounting, tax and internal control.

The issuer shall consult the compliance adviser regarding certain compliance matters. The book is a consolidated and simplified reference written by a group of qualified accountants to present the listing framework of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Legal advisers to the sponsor and underwriters The legal advisers to the sponsor and the underwriters provide assistance and advice to the sponsor and underwriters.

The listing requirements on the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market; The listing process and documentation required for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; Common accounting and internal control issues encountered in the listing process; Tax considerations; Continuing obligations of listed issuers.

The book covers important areas in the IPO journey and other useful statistical topics including review of global and Hong Kong IPO markets, selecting stock exchange, statistic of Hong Kong investor profile and new listings in and for reference. It helps readers in understanding and resolving the variety of issues which a company may encounter in its IPO journey.

These enable the listing applicant to be closely involved and fully informed throughout the listing process. Property valuer The independent property valuer is responsible for the valuation of property interests held by the applicant. Legal advisers to the listing applicant The legal advisers to the listing applicant shall advise on legal and regulatory issues to the listing applicant.Initial Public Offerings An Issuer’s Guide (Asia Edition) Listing in Hong Kong 49 The Hong Kong Stock Exchange Regulatory Regime IPO vs.

Introduction The Hong Kong IPO Process 65 Indicative Timetable Stage 1: Initial Preparation - Preparing A1 Listing Application. Hong Kong IPO Guide 5th 6 Beijing • Hong Kong • London • New York • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo mi-centre.com B IJING HONG KONG NEW YORK SHANGHAI SHE NZH N SINGAPORE 10th Floor, Tower 1 Prosper Center.

This comprehensive handbook spans the entire listing process, from pre-IPO preparation to managing the IPO marketing and investor relations. You may also be interested in these books: Hong Kong Employment Law: A Practical Guide, 5th Edition.

Watch video · Tech Guide; Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi picks Hong Kong for IPO. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi filed for an initial public offering in. MoFo Guide to Hong Kong IPOs (“Guide”) aims to help companies and their advisers successfully navigate this transition by providing a comprehensive overview of the iPo process in hong Kong, with an emphasis on listings on the Main Board of the hong Kong.

This fully revised paperback edition includes additional case studies, information on recent regulatory changes, and new sections on Malaysia and business trusts in Singapore and Hong Kong.

IPO A Global Guide is applicable to any financial jurisdiction, including emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe/5(5).

Hong kong ipo guide
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