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Sarah, I have unlimited confidence in your maternal care, and your development of their characters. But I cannot, I must watch you from the spirit land and hover near you, while you buffet the storms with your precious little freight, and wait with sad patience till we meet to part no more.

You will find a few inconveniences in crossing the Atlantic, but it will not be long, and when that is over, all is over, for I know that you will like America.

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Poverty is unknown here. John downe my dear wife is no improper or disgusting equality, for Character has its weight and influence, and the man which is really your superior does not plume himself on being so.

His letter written in New York and dated August 12,read: The larger the font size, the more users have highlighted that word with the relevant cateogry. Short, direct sentences are used to get his point across to his wife.

In the second paragraph, Downe gets into a more personal aspect with his word choice and sentence structure through pathos. The memories of all the blissful moments I have spent with you come crowding over me, and I feel most deeply grateful to God and you, that I have enjoyed them so long. He uses an array of rhetorical strategies and devices such as imagery, tone and attitude, and pathos to do so.

Sarah, do not mourn me dear; think I am gone and wait for me, for we shall meet again. Sarah, my love for you is deathless. And I can have lbs. But there is plenty of room yet, and will for a thousand years to come. It is important for him to get his family to move to the United States and enjoy a whole new life together.

An American, however low his station, never feels himself abashed when entering the presence of the highest. Out in the country where I have been you see the young women with their veils and parasols, at the lowest that I saw. And I can have a barrel of cider holding 32 gallons, for 4s, and they will lend me the barrel till I have emptied it.

He gives his wife a sense of security when he explains that people in the United States do not have to close or lock their doors and can enjoy their lives doing whatever they like, from picking fruits to going to get a drink.

The diction he uses and the way he structures his sentences highlights the points he tries to make. Downe uses this to explain to his wife that her life can be changed if she comes also.

I do not repent of coming, for you know that there was nothing but poverty before me, and to see you and the dear children want was what I could not bear.

Now, my dear, if you can get the Parish to pay for your passage, come directly; for I have not a doubt in my mind I shall be able to keep you in credit. John Downe uses different rhetorical strategies to try to persuade his wife to move to the United States from England. Font Size Visualization Select one of the facets below to display the visualization of that category.

If a man likes work he need not want for victuals. But, my dear wife, when I know that with my own joys I lay down nearly all of yours and replace them in this life with care and sorrows, when, after having eaten for long years the bitter fruit of orphanage myself, I must offer it, as their only sustenance, to my dear little children, is it weak or dishonorable, while the banner of my purpose floats calmly and proudly in the breeze, that my unbounded love for you, my darling wife and children, should struggle in fierce, though useless, contest with my love of country.

It is a foolish idea that some people have, that there is too many people come here, it is quite the reverse; there was more than 1, emigrants came in the day after I landed, and there is four ships have arrived since with emigrants.

Give all the little ones a kiss for me I cannot describe to you my feelings on this calm summer night, when two thousand men are sleeping around me, many of them enjoying the last, perhaps, before that of death, and I, suspicious that Death is creeping behind me with his fatal dart, am communing with God, my country and thee.

If I do not, my dear Sarah, never forget how much I love you, nor that when my last breath escapes me on the battle-field, it will whisper your name. They cut the tongue, and throw the rest away.John Downe's Letter to His Wife John Downe.

-- Not everyone found the New World to be such a "scourge." "My dear wife, I have got a situation in a Factory, in a very pleasant vale about 7 miles from Hudson, and I am to have the whole management of the factory and the master is going to board me till you come in his house.

InJohn Downe, a weaver traveled to the United States from England and took a job so that he could earn money to be able to make his wife and children to join him. In the letter that john Downe wrote to his wife to persuader her to immigrate to the United States, with him he explained to her the benefits she and her family will have if.

The rhetorical purpose of John Downe's letter to his wife Sukey is to convince his wife to emigrate to America from England with their children to live with him.

Downe left his family in England to travel to America in pursuit of a more fortunate life for his family.

InJohn Downe, a weaver, traveled to the United States from England and took a job so that he could earn enough to enable his wife and children to join.

John Downe Essay Words Mar 12th, 4 Pages John Downe In John Downe’s letter to his wife, he strategically establishes and develops ethos as well as pathos to convince her to join him in the United States with their children.

Dear Wife Analysis John Downe’s letter to his wife creates an enthusiastic, persuasive tone to try to convince her to leave England and come to the United States. The diction he uses and the way he structures his sentences highlights the points he tries to make.

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John downe my dear wife
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