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Bully for them for acceding to a characteristically gentle victory lap. The song was a reminder that Lynne had a rich musical life in the years he abandoned the ELO brand and even making solo albums, though the real testament to that was in the pre-show PA selections, which consisted of tracks Lynne worked on as a super-producer after switching careers.

As it was Tuesday, he assumed some of the lead vocals but, more importantly, took command of pretty much all of the soloing that took place in a standing position.

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More Reviews Album Review: And hearing that psych-pop landmark, what evolutionary choice did the Byrds have in but to blow the collective minds of the Music concert review generation with… an album of traditional country music.

But there was no further exposition coming from Lynne, a man of few public words and possibly the least effusive major rock star of all time. You can sense a bit of a long-standing agenda in the thesis behind this minute opening act: But that short-lived lineup had a hell of a semester.

The grandiosity was pretty much left to what was happening on stage, with Lynne being joined by seven core band members, three string players and two backup singers. In the first act, there was no pedal steel at all — just Stuart playing the actual modified Telecaster that the late Clarence White used on a lot of the original sessions, an instrument that, when its strings are bent exactly the right way by exactly the right person, sounds exactly like a pedal steel.

Concert Review: Jeff Lynne’s ELO Revives ’70s Symph-Pop Greatness at the Forum

Any intimations of mortality went unspoken, but it was hard to escape the fact that the deaths of key members Parsons and White inand that of the acolyte Petty so recently, made it that much more moving that McGuinn and Hillman are here to do this in their 70s… and to do it so well, after showing no particular urgency about reliving their past in intervening decades.

More Reviews Album Review: The title song of that OST was performed on opening night in Oakland last week, too, then dropped — sorry, synth-pop roller-boogie buffs, and Lisa Loeb, who lamented its absence after the show.

Concert Review: Ex-Byrds Deliver Stirring ‘Sweetheart of the Rodeo’ Tribute

Among those spotted in the crowd night two: After a second night in L. But they had too much reverence to go faux, and Scruggs was obviously the right pick to wield the pick for what is arguably the most famously steel-powered album of all time.

And it was a glorious thing to behold Sunday night, as sampled all too fleetingly in a song set that reprised the closest thing to truly Beatle-level pop the s had to offer and this arguably includes the Wings ouevre.But given the much larger venue this time, Sheeran — who got everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” to his longtime guitar tech — reminded fans that while he.

(This review was originally posted at a.m. July 2, ) If the value of a concert were measured in hits, good luck finding a more worthwhile combination than Journey, Def Leppard and The.

Famed rocker Neil Young added two shows with Promise Of The Real and two solo performances to his upcoming touring plans.

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Concert Review: Jeff Lynne’s ELO Revives ’70s Symph-Pop Greatness at the Forum A brilliant catalog returns to U.S. stages and gives the strings-starved people what they want.

By Chris Willman.

Music concert review
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