Ocsa creative writing auditions

If you would like for us to view animation or video, please provide a flash drive with written instructions on how to access the file. Here are some other things you should do first, the sooner the better, because time can be of the essence.

These Arts Enrichment programs are held on weekends during the year and during the week in summer. You must bring the portfolio to the audition. You are off to a good start. How long are auditions? Please bring work that the student can easily transport. These should not be in a digital file. Each year we receive an amazing number of applications from many talented students while we continue ocsa creative writing auditions have only a limited number of openings for new students.

It is a group audition and each session typically has applicants. What should I bring and prepare for the audition?

Prospective students may audition for up to 2 conservatories. These directors have been doing this a long time in most cases and they are good. If sculpture is large or bulky, a photograph of it, taken against a contrasting background is acceptable. If you cannot find your e-mail please try checking your SPAM.

A portfolio is required for every applicant. Your portfolio should include a minimum of 10 and maximum of 12 pieces of work. Finally, prior to applying, if you still have time: The audition process will last approximately 2.

All other necessary materials will be provided. Your child may be super talented and so you are thinking, No sweat!

Understand the process, know what is required to apply and audition. Callbacks will be on February If your child is doing a traditional audition, there is simply no substitute for knowing their craft.

We want to support students in becoming contributing, responsible, and generous creative-thinkers and problem-solvers of good character. High School Program Areas: Be well dressed, clean and polite. As a faculty, we strive to prepare our students for the challenges they face in an uncertain future.

These sessions offer an excellent opportunity to meet one or more conservatory directors, ask intelligent please! We at OCSA take this selection task very seriously and realize that not everyone will agree with our decisions, however, our decisions are based on our best professional judgment.

We are OCSA

There are so many options, not all of which are expensive. There is usually no one factor that excludes a student from consideration; we are attempting to look at the entire student looking at all the above information to determine if they possess what we believe it takes to be successful at OCSA.

Select your strongest work. Our professionally trained arts teachers conduct the auditions and determine a rating.


Attend a Preview Day! A simple hand-made cardboard portfolio is adequate. Auditions are January 13 and 20, OCSA Creative Writing Conservatory.

likes. OCSA Creative Writing Conservatory Official Page. Admissions Requirements. Academic Requirements. Admission to OCSA requires that applicants attend an interview/audition and be accepted into one of its arts conservatory programs.

Creative Writing Conservatory: View. Feb 10,  · A new webshow for OCSA students • about OCSA students • by OCSA students Featuring games, live interviews, and teacher/student challenges. OCSA Webshow 5 | Creative Writer Cassandra Hsiao. Creative Writing Audition Requirements; Dance Audition Requirements; Instrumental Audition Requirements.

Classical Piano Audition Requirements; When are auditions and callbacks? Auditions are January 13 and 20, You will choose an audition time during the application process. Callbacks will be on February Oct 12,  · Preparing for Your Audition.

It is the director of each conservatory that conducts the slew of auditions/interviews that occur each year. And in the end, determines who will get acceptance letters, and who will not. 4 OCSA Creative Writing faculty members will be featured on panels at The Big Orange Book Festival at Chapman U.

OCSA Creative Writing. likes. OCSA Creative Writing Conservatory Official Page.

Ocsa creative writing auditions
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