Oil gas industry report

DEP and the Office of Oil and Gas Management look forward to continue serving the citizens of Pennsylvania in through the work that we do to carry out the mission of the Department! The Oil and Gas Act of Act contains language that holds oil and gas operators responsible for restoring or replacing water supplies when it is determined that oil and gas activities are the cause of contamination.

If you come across a well on your property or when you are on other public lands that you believe is an orphan or abandoned well, please let DEP know. Legacy Well Identification As a result of the oil and gas drilling booms during the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, hundreds of thousands of oil and gas wells were drilled in Pennsylvania.

To subscribe to this free newsletter, click here. This past year was another busy one for DEP, but there is more to be done. Additionally, operators of unconventional wells are required to electronically notify DEP in advance of conducting various operations such as casing and cementing a well, hydraulically fracturing a well and abandoning or plugging a well.

Go here to register to receive notices that are important to you! Unless additional monies are identified for this purpose, the universe of orphan and abandoned wells will remain unplugged and will be a potential environmental and safety threat for many decades to come.

DEP developed a search tool called "eSubmissions" to allow the public to view the forms and reports that are submitted to DEP electronically. Water Supply Impacts DEP is committed to the protection of environmental resources including private water supplies.

To access the full text of such documents, submit comments, and see comments from other individuals, please visit the DEP website to access the eComment tool here. The reports include the ability to view oil and gas permits that have been issued, locations of wells that are drilled, locations of orphan and abandoned wells and natural gas production reports to name a few.

All oil and gas well operators are required to submit advanced notification of spud dates to the DEP electronically. To attend a future TAB meeting via Webinar, go here.

Your browser does not support the video tag. To report an environmental emergency to DEP, click on the button below, and call the appropriate regional emergency contact number.

Over the past years, many of these wells were abandoned by their owners without notifying DEP or other state agencies. These legacy orphan and abandoned wells can lead to pollution to the environment if they are not properly plugged.

To review the spud notifications report, go here. Given the estimated hundreds of thousands of orphan and abandoned oil and gas wells that are suspected to exist in Pennsylvania, there is not enough funding currently available to DEP to plug the remaining wells. DEP investigates all stray gas-related complaints and if it is determined that a water supply is adversely affected by oil and gas activities, DEP works with the responsible operator to ensure the water supply is restored or replaced.

Click on the play button above to view the slideshow of abandoned oil and gas wells. Although there is no evidence that hydraulic fracturing has resulted in a direct impact to a water supply in Pennsylvania, there are cases where related oil and gas activities have adversely affected private water supplies.

These meetings routinely involve discussions about proposed oil and gas regulations, policies and other related topics. You may register for upcoming Webinars and view many prior ones here. The Act goes a step further and presumes that an oil and gas operator is responsible for contamination of water supplies located within prescribed distances and timeframes; unless the operator can clearly demonstrate that it is not responsible for the contamination.

To view the "eNotifications" report, go here. To view this search tool, go here. Eventually, active oil and gas wells stop producing oil and gas or become uneconomical to operate.

DEP estimates that as many asabandoned oil and gas wells exist in Pennsylvania that remain unaccounted for.The report covers Global Valves for Oil Gas overview, market share, size, market competition by Players/Manufacturers, Sales and Revenue by Regions, Product Category, Application, Manufacturers Profiles, Manufacturing Cost Analysis, Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders etc.

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Oil gas industry report
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