P2 5 lifestyle factors

Living in a house that has mould and other hazardous bacteria can increase the risk of allergic and inflammatory diseases including asthma which Kehlani suffers with. You can increase your blood pressure which can cause serious complications in later life.

Air and water pollution can influence development and be a major source of ill health. The positive of having a small peer group is that your always aware of whats going on and whats being said within the group.

They also say you should have 5 fruit and vegetables because they give you vitamins and minerals.

People who live near busy roads may be particularly exposed to this pollution. Involvement of the father; the emotional and social outcomes are significantly improved for children whose fathers play a visible and nurturing role in their upbringing.

Frequent and regular physical exercise boosts the immune system and reduce the chance of becoming ill. Young children of depressed mothers have an elevated risk of behavioural, developmental and emotional problems.

Educational problems including disruptive behaviour, bullying, decreased learning ability and academic achievements. Diet Peoples diet can affect their lifestyle because if you eat unhealthy then it can make you more tired and also obese which can intern could increase your blood pressure and make you more increase the chance of heart problems in the future.

Its can also cause my mum some pain burning sensations, itching and flakey skin.

Family conflict and discord: As teens we are very much in control of our diets whereas babies are affected by what our mother eats during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. It is not infectious, and does not scar the skin. But some people may unhealthy because of the convince and cost.

It is influenced by a number of things including our age, family history of illness, employment, education and living conditions.

During her teenage years Kehlani was still living with her aunty and family, this could mean an overcrowded house which can cause stress due to lack of privacy. Parental control that is too tight.

One study found that depressed individuals who are offspring of depressed parents may be at particular risk for the secondary deficits of depression. Some ways to stop smoking are: Health and your diet influence your lifestyle and at a certain age it is your responsibility.

Diabetes has been linked to obesity however my mother already had this health condition, it has been said that having diabetes does make it significantly harder to lose weight.

During adolescence we are very influenced by people of our own age group. Due to Kehlani being premature there was a chance of her developing at a slower rate, many premature infants have smaller organs then the average baby. As a child you will have learned a lot about social relationships when you played with other children.

Poor quality housing is associated with poor health. Dieticians sometimes say that if you eat slowly then you are more likely to eat less food as you become fuller. Many individuals are influenced by culture and the people within our lives.

Marital conflict, divorce or separation: She also has a cream that needs to be applied twice a day, this should help the skin be less flakey and make the skin less likely to crack.

The government recommends minutes of moderate exercise each week, or 75 minutes of intense exercise. Due to my mother being pushed aside she found refuge with food and began to gain weight which lead to her obesity at this point in her life. The government recommends that the amount of calories for a male is and for a female.

As my mother got older she began to resent her mother and her step father they never excepted her for who she was. My mother still remained overweight throughout the life stages that she has passed, this may because she lacks determination to lose it.Chose 5 Factors.

P1 - Describe five different lifestyle factors that can affect athletes. M1 - Explain five different lifestyle factors that can affect athletes. D1- Analyse five different lifestyle factors that can effect athletes. remember to reference What is a footballers lifestyle like?

Make a list of everything you can think of, good and bad. Mar 16,  · P2: Explain the potential effects of five different life factors, on the development of an individual.

These are the five life factors on the development of an individual Genetic Biological Environmental Socioeconomic Lifestyle 1: Genetic - Psoriasis.

My mother inherited Psoriasis from her mother. 5: lifestyle – dietary cho. Feb 19,  · Unit Lifestyle factors.

Unit 14- lifestyle factors that affect health P1,M1

Physical Activity Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

Benefits of exercise include: strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance, and to have fun. Pneumonia affects millions of people every year, particularly children under age 5 and adults over age 65, as well as people who are hospitalized or who have chronic illnesses or immunosuppression.

Symptoms can range from mild to severe and include a productive cough, Lifestyle Risk Factors. Below is an essay on "P2: Individual Needs in Health and Social Care Lifestyle Factors" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Factors that affect that influence the needs of individuals in health and social care. Learn the 6 lifestyle behaviors that have the greatest influence on a person's health, longevity, and psychological age.

Menu 6 Positive Lifestyle Factors .

P2 5 lifestyle factors
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