Perforated ticket paper

You are more flexible: More options As an alternative to classic tickets you can also print section, row and seat numbers directly onto the event brochure or invitation, or use labels to be put on the brochures or invitations.

Tell the printing company that you want to print on the templates with a laser or ink printer. Print tickets on business cards Another option are sheets with business cards, which are available from many sources e.

Tickets on cardboard without or with a stub Print tickets on cardboard and design them with different fonts, colors, or logos. Using TicketCreator and custom, unnumbered ticket stocks has many advantages: The blade gives a much easier, cleaner tear, but the sewing machine is definitely better than nothing.

To use it, just place a ruler along the line you want to perforate and roll the blade along it. Tickets, which are printed on individual ticket stocks from a print shop Example: You can also use ticket stocks in any other format.

Click the photo to view larger. Standard Raffle Ticket Paper Raffle tickets are available in virtually any type of paper, however, our standard, off-the-shelf paper of choice for blank raffle ticket stock is 67 lb Vellum Bristol card stock for pastel colors and 65 lb Opaque for bright colors such as fuchsia and electric yellow.

One option is to sew a line of stitches with an unthreaded sewing machine. The pink design was selected and printed at Uprinting. Use different prices for the seats No left-over tickets, print only as many tickets as you need No hassle Get stocks in different colors and use these to distinguish sections or price categories.

Easy setup of even difficult seating maps Contact your local printing company or an online printing company and ask for an offer!

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Something budget-friendly and simple, but a step up from the raggedy "free puppies" notices tacked up at the grocery store. Free trial version Attention! I specialize in small business branding. Works like a charm. We can do better! The perforation between the tickets themselves, that is, how they are separated from each other on the overall sheet of paper is micro perforated at the rate of 40 tpi.

I hunted around online to find a 45 mm perforating blade that fits rotary cutters used for trimming fabric. You can use cardboard with different colors for different prices Perforated ticket paper sections.

Return to top How Tickets Are Perforated All of our raffle ticket stock is perforated between ticket portions and tear off stubs at the standard rate of 12 tpi i. This rate of perforation assures that the tickets can be separated neatly and easily prior to distribution, while staying together under normal printer handling.

Also check whether your printer can use cardboard of the selected strength and format. Print row and seat numbers on the tickets not just sequential numbers. This has proven to be the most suitable rate of perforation so that the tear off stub does not separate too easily, while rendering the whole ticket durable enough under normal use.

Find my graphic design page on Facebook: Benefit from huge discounts on larger orders and pay shipping only once, instead of ordering small quantities for each event More comfort for your customers: This is an economic way to prevent copied tickets.

Software includes s of graphicsas well as templates and samples for all the above raffle ticket formats. Republishing posts in their entirety is prohibited without permission.

You know the type: With the TicketCreator Barcode Edition you can also print tickets with barcodes or QR codeswhich are scanned at the door.Buy perforated paper & card stock in 46 formats at The Paper Mill Store.

Save money with rewards & discounts with free shipping available. Order one of almost standard perforated paper layouts, design a custom perforation, or use our perforate-and-print services. Pre-Perforated Paper for a professional finished look. We have microperfed along the ticket edges so you can separate with ease and the edges look clean.

Also positioned a standard perforation so after the sale the stub can be easily separated from the ticket body. DocuGard high-quality perforated ticket paper is a cost-effective Label Outfitters Large Pre Numbered Laser or Inkjet Printable Raffle, Event, or other Tickets with Numbered Stub, White, Sheets.

by Label Outfitters. $ $ 49 FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

Perforated Ticket Card Stock

Call Now! Paper Professionals Available Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm EST. for many event ticket printing needs, will accommodate you with one of the most economical ways to conduct your fund raising.

We offer perforated blank paper stock to accommodate your printing needs.

Perforated ticket paper
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