Phil 104b world view assignment

Contain a well-articulated thesis statement that explains what the paper is about and takes a clear stand on the issues under discussion, Provide a clear articulation of the authors or issue you have chosen, Clearly respond to the demands of the prompt, Conclude with your own analysis of the issue your own views on the issues that have been discussed, Properly cite using MLA or CMS all sources used in the paper.

Let go and keep yourself flowing though your life, as if you were the water flowing through the wave. Grading Criteria for Essays: You want to identify the prompt to which you are responding and provide evidence that you have understood the material.

Life travels much like water in a form similar to waves. The concepts of the importance of mental peace being far more significant than the distress caused by a disturbance, as well as not trying to control the uncontrollable, are essential in obtaining mental tranquility, which will lead to an enriched life full of peace and happiness.

Englands Advantage in the New World

You correctly identify some but not all concepts introduced or reviewed in the reading and lectures. You answer correctly all basic questions about the main ideas and characters. Water has no concrete shape or form, instead it shifts and molds to the shape which surrounds it.

Do not become distressed by any particular event you cannot control occurring in your life; let fate take its course, allowing for what is supposed to happen, to happen.

Water has many aspects and features which reflect philosophical ideas and directives. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. This entry was posted in Philosophy in the World by megan roach.

You apply very specific events or discussions from the reading to some new situation. In addition to the final draft, there are a few pre-writing assignments that must be completed: Pick two authors from two different units in class Early Modern, Kant, 19th Century, the Existentialists, Contemporary and compare and contrast their ideas.

One must also remember, with a trough, there will be a crest present in the near future. To earn a C or higher, your responses provide evidence of your having read and comprehended the material. Your paper should be typed, double-spaced and written in point legible font.

You use examples from the reading or lectures to illustrate your answers.

CWV – Unit 5

To earn a D or higher, your responses provide some evidence of your having read, thought about, and comprehended the material: As your life progresses there will be times of great joy, which is symbolic to the crest of the wave.

You correctly identify all concepts introduced or reviewed in the reading. You correctly identify and apply all terms from the reading and lectures. Do not bring the burden of the need to control with you, as this will cause great distress in your life.

Emerge like water into the depths of the unknown, with an open mind and no expectations. You use very original examples to illustrate the concepts of the reading. Do not try to control the uncontrollable, let yourself mold to the shape and situation that surrounds you.

This internal peace, which results from the act of letting go, will lead to greater amounts of happiness for an individual. Another aspect of water, that is proportional to my definition of philosophy, is its ability to travel in waves. You must not be rigid, trying to control your surroundings; rather be lucid, letting your surroundings control you.

When experiencing the trough of your wave of life, you must remember the importance of your mental peace. You correctly identify and apply some but not all terms introduced or reviewed in the reading and lectures.PhilThird Paper Assignment Maximum Length: No more than three pages, double spaced, point font, one-inch margins Due: Monday, November 8, by am (before the lecture starts).Please hand in your paper, in person, to your GSI.

Philosophy in the World Assignment

Please see the syllabus for other relevant policies. Apol Worldview Assignment (3 Pages | Words) Worldview Assignment Part I: What is a world view.

A worldview is easily described as the person’s perception of the world around them and is the framework for decision making. Phil B S Essay Prompt Your assignment is to write a page paper in which you choose and answer one of the following prompts: Prompt 1: Pick two authors from two different units in class (Early Modern, Kant, 19th Century, the Existentialists, Contemporary) and compare and contrast their ideas.

Philosophy in the World Assignment Posted on December 4, by megan roach To me philosophy is the strive for complete happiness, which can only be obtained though the tranquilization of one’s mental state. Phil b “World View Assignment” Part I: A world view is a self defining principle which describes how one observes, interprets, addresses and responds to the environment, community and ideas encountered.

Phil First Paper Assignment.

Phil 104b “World View Assignment”

5-page paper (11 or point font, double-spaced), due on 9/ NOTE: YOUR NAME SHOULD APPEAR ONLY ON THE BACK OF THE LAST PAGE, WRITTEN IN PENCIL.

Phil 104b world view assignment
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