Remote control fan regulator

The Yellow LED indicates the power status of the load. As shown in the above wiring diagram.

If Q0 is high capacitor C5 is charged through resistor R5, if Q1 is high capacitor C5 is charged through resistor R6, and so on. The seven segment display used to show the current speed level. IN — Power supply from a transformer is applied here.

Resistor R13 ohm and capacitor C7 0. Thus the speed of the fan increases when we press any button on the remote control.

Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator

The circuit is powered by regulated 9V. Never Touch any part of the circuit when AC load is connected. Tested on v 50Hz AC line. This ensures that the circuit is running properly.

Q5 output is not used, while Q6 output is used to reset the counter. Replace the fan with bulb because its easier to test. Any button on the remote can be used for controlling the speed of the fan. I hope you know what does that means.

Then you can mount the resistors. It can give you a fatal shock!!! Combination of one of the resistors R5 through R9 and capacitor C5 controls the pulse width. WhatsApp Advertisement Using this circuit, you can change the speed of the fan from your couch or bed.

As the width of the pulse decreases, firing angle of the triac increases and speed of the fan also increases. Troubleshooting If the unit does not respond to the remote control signals then look for the following.The aim of this work is to design and construct a remote controlled fan regulator.

This circuit allows total control over the equipments without having to move around.

The frequency of remote used is typically around 36 KHz.5/5(10). The remote control device sends an infra-red beam, which is received by the infra-red sensor on the regulator and the speed of the fan is increased. One of the primary objectives of an engineer is to endeavor to deliver the best product or the most efficient services at the lowest cost to the end user.3/5(2).

Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator. shares. Posted Saturday, April 27, Using this circuit, you can change the speed of the fan from your couch or bed. Infrared receiver module TSOP is used to receive the infrared signal transmitted by remote control.

Remote Controlled Fan Regulator using ATmega8

The circuit is powered by regulated 9V. The AC mains is stepped down by transformer. Engineering Projects For You; + Electronics Projects For You; Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator. This circuit uses can control a fan's speed remotely by using an infra red receiver module with the help of a TV remote.

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Remote control fan regulator
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