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Students pretend they are in various social contexts and have a variety of social roles. Before the discussion, it is essential that the purpose of the discussion activity is set by the teacher. Select appropriate words and sentences according to the proper social setting, audience, situation and subject matter.

Conclusion Teaching speaking is a very important part of second language learning. Obviously, variation of techniques used by a language teacher is more effective than concentrating only on certain aspects of teaching.

In this way, the discussion points are relevant to this purpose, so that students do not spend their time chatting with each other about irrelevant things. Despite of the wide spreading of self-learning programs allowing distance learning or learning without a teacher, it is the most effective to have someone a teacher to show students how to learn the language.

Playing Cards In this game, students should form groups of four. It was a good job. Pronunciation is closely linked to listening and actually hearing what is being said. The last element of correct speaking, to which a teacher needs to pay attention to, is rules of communication. Reporting Before coming to class, students are asked to read a newspaper or magazine and, in class, they report to their friends what they find as the most interesting news.

If the topic "Diamonds: All of these aspects are important, and the lack of one of them means that knowledge of language is not sufficient. The Practice of English Language Teaching. The paper will focus on teaching speaking and pronunciation as the main aspects of language learning, and techniques L2 second language teachers should use while teaching a foreign language.

The good characteristics of brainstorming is that the students are not criticized for their ideas so students will be open to sharing new ideas. Despite of wide spread of teaching professions, language learning is not an easy process, which requires serious commitment from both a teacher and a learner.

Picture Narrating This activity is based on several sequential pictures. Each suit will represent a topic.

Lastly, in class or group discussions, whatever the aim is, the students should always be encouraged to ask questions, paraphrase ideas, express support, check for clarification, and so on. Try to involve each student in every speaking activity; for this aim, practice different ways of student participation.

For this reason, it is more effective when a teacher gives their students certain input, before making them produce the output in the form of speaking.

It is essential that the speaking should be equally divided among group members. This activity fosters critical thinking and quick decision making, and students learn how to express and justify themselves in polite ways while disagreeing with the others.

Use the language quickly and confidently with few unnatural pauses, which is called as fluency.

In role-play activities, the teacher gives information to the learners such as who they are and what they think or feel. Provide the vocabulary beforehand that students need in speaking activities. A Review of Research and Implications for Teaching. Moreover, students can interview each other and "introduce" his or her partner to the class.

Rubrics can include the vocabulary or structures they need to use while narrating. Brainstorming On a given topic, students can produce ideas in a limited time.

Indeed, constant speaking and listening is what definitely helps the learners to acquire good pronunciation skills. We write original custom research papers only from scratch. Find the Difference For this activity students can work in pairs and each couple is given two different pictures, for example, picture of boys playing football and another picture of girls playing tennis.

In brief, ESL teachers should create a classroom environment where students have real-life communication, authentic activities, and meaningful tasks that promote oral language.

Every language has certain rules of communication, which should be learned in order not to sound rude or weird.Suggestions For Teachers in Teaching Speaking Here are some suggestions for English language teachers while teaching oral language: Provide maximum opportunity to students to speak the target language by providing a rich environment that contains collaborative work, authentic materials and tasks, and shared knowledge.

II The Effect of Task-Based Language Teaching on Developing Speaking Skills among the Palestinian Secondary EFL Students in Israel and Their Attitudes towards English.

Teaching English as a Second Language Masters Thesis Collection. Follow an autoethnography of a novice ESL teacher's two years of teaching English in a private girls' secondary school in Japan, SPEAKING PROFICIENCY, Jena M.


Theses/Dissertations from PDF. THESIS TEACHING SPEAKING SKILL THROUGH ROLE Finally, the researcher would like to dedicate this thesis to the love of her live Putu Fajar Ariarta, who have given his prayer, love, affection, fidelity and teaching English, especially for.

Teaching Speaking Skills in English Language using Classroom Activities in Secondary School Level in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya curricula by the Kenya Government in which according to them distorted the teaching of English speaking skills in secondary schools (Lumala, ; Njagi et al., ).

In this system of education, a. Thesis Proposal of English Education - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free/5(14).

Teaching speaking english thesis
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