Tfd business presentation 2014 1040

And of course, I was one of the most excited about this! If you always wanted to have a bakery business, I believe reading this is not an accident. I actually learned something here.

Thank you for reading this article! Multi-level Marketing is the new trend. I am promoting Kambal Pandesal because I am not only a marketer of this bakery but I am also one of its loyal customers!! That explains why many of us work so hard to save so we can invest.

I love the taste of its bread! My favorite is the Pan de Vanilla! This is very attractive. When the owner of the first outlet of Kambal Pandesal here Iloilo told us that he will place it somewhere in Ortiz, people were hesitant because many find the place not suitable for bakery business.

Customers would see the actual process and will have the confidence that the bread is safe to eat. I also am amazed with the concept of seeing the bakers baking the bread in actual!

That explains why I really wanted one here in Iloilo! In Manila, it costs P2. We have been marketing this in Iloilo and even in Bacolod for a few months and after an occular inspection of the locations passed by interested clients, Ms. Are you interested to have your own Kambal Pandesal?

It is very tasty! It weighs 25 grams for only P2!! How about their plain pandesal?? Here is the business for every Juan!

Business for Every Juan Every Filipinos always wanted to have their own businesses. It had its dry-run or soft-opening last January 24, Saturday.

But to our surprise, people there kept coming back! You will not be disappointed! I am not only promoting Kambal Pandesal because I was told to or because I wanted to have my part as a marketer.

I already tasted one of the breads of Kambal Pandesal. Make your dreams come to life! Recently, the first ever Kambal Pandesal outlet in Iloilo has finally opened!! No matter how bad the location seems like, I believe when you dedicate your business to God and trust Him that He can do anything, you will be blessed in your business.

Calvo depot owner of Pinoy Pao Express Inc. The first time I heard it was when our team leader announced to us that we have a new product to market in Iloilo.

You can add me up on my Facebook account: So kindly set an appointment with me. I tell you you will not regret having this in your place!!

No need to keep on searching.May Corporate Presentation Forward Looking Statements This presentation is being provided for informational and discussion purposes.

Business for Every Juan

This presentation is not intended to provide and should not be relied upon as investment advice or an opinion Contract Services business contributes materially to strengthening financial position while. Download Presentation Individual Income Tax Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation.

By shae; Follow User; PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Individual Income Tax Overview' - shae Measuring Business Income -Chapter 3 net income the net increase in stockholders’ equity that results from operations of a company accumulated in the r/e.

Outlook”, for each business segment “Business Outlook and Focus for ” and in other statements regarding the Bank’s objectives and priorities for and beyond and strategies to achieve them, and the Bank’s anticipated financial performance.

Quarterly Results Presentation Q1 Invest for your own TFD food cart business now and experience the unlimited income and incentives from the company! FY BUDGET PRESENTATION. 2 TennCare Sustainability – Managing Trend.

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No need to keep on searching. Here is the business for every Juan! Wednesday, January 28, TFD Business Presentation.


TFD Business Presentation (2).

Tfd business presentation 2014 1040
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