Thinking like a traveler

Consider reaching your career goals in the same way. Setting out with a purpose or theme for the day can take it from blah to fantastic.

Thinking like a Traveler, keys to recharging your creative self

When we start to look through this lens, we realize there is opportunity all around us, no matter how far we travel from home. So, what happens when you finally land that book deal or that promotion? What do you do now? Think back to the last time you planned a trip. You may find that your old bike trails never look the same again, and that ability to really see the differences, is one way to use the strengths you already have in order to relax and appreciate your year round adventures.

Consider the moment you send your writing out, taking the step toward that interview or audition, or land that entry-level position in a new industry as part of your flight, knowing that this is a key part of your journey. Most of us do.

The streets look different, the shoes seem crazy, and money is a funny colour. But what if achieving that goal was as simple as planning a trip? How will you get there, and how long will it take?

But for all the bad feedback, you will no doubt get people who are extremely supportive and positive, too. Commit a half-day every weekend to writing? And many of us really hold back on our careers and what we really want to do because our goals or dreams seem too big or because life gets in the way.

What would have sailed right past you at home now has a whole new interest level. More from my site. Arrive at Your Destination: You can do the same when mapping out your career goal. Are manhole covers always blue, do running shoes have long laces, do flowers do better on the south or north side of the garden?

Are you going to be flying there i. This summer, before you head out for that trip, take a few moments up front to make a game out of what new items you want to discover along the way. The first thing I do when I finally get to my destination is start exploring and trying new things, and it should be the same for your career goals.

What new information can you gather along the way, now share it with your family and friends? Having someone to share your finds with helps create new and bigger thoughts and experiences. Acting and thinking like a traveler comes naturally to most of us, especially in summer.

Start Exploring One of the biggest things when you arrive in a new place is getting over the jet lag and actually starting to get going. When you arrive at your destination and finally reach your goals, that is where your journey really begins.

Treat your outings like they are science experiments. And though the journey can be long, it gives you time to prepare yourself for and get excited about meeting your goal.

You can definitely reach your destination with a light pack and a lot of determination, but still it will be easier if you have the gear you need. You might be surprised at how a dream unfolds into a real accomplishment.

Where Do You Want to Go? Here are three things to remember when acting like a traveler: Good things are bound to happen.Sep 01,  · The Challenge: A year-old woman feels tired and feverish after a trip to her home in Kenya.

Can you figure out why? Every month, the Diagnosis column of The New York Times. Thinking like a genius Famous thinkers "Even if you're not a genius, you can use the same strategies as Aristotle and Einstein to harness the power of your creative mind and better manage your future." Nine approaches to creative problem solving: Rethink!

And the first one and maybe my favorite of them is "think like a traveler". It's easy for me to this, I spend nights a year away from home and so I think like a traveler all the time, I'm on a plane.

Want to Reach Your Career Goal? Think Like a Traveler

Thinking like a Traveler, keys to recharging your creative self 25 Jul / No Comments It’s summer and the perfect opportunity to leave our schedules and time tables behind, but that doesn’t mean you and the people in your crew can’t explore and gain new skills while having fun.

So, get inspired and break free from your comfort zone by thinking like a traveler. All of us have the potential to reach our goals, if we just approach things from a fresh lens. You might be surprised at how a dream unfolds into a real accomplishment.

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Thinking like a traveler
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