Unusual festivals in spain

It is a spectacular celebration but not without risk. Those who fall foul to the new rules have to pay a fine or be covered in flour and eggs and locked up.

Unusual Festivals in Spain

As for me, I could not resist writing on this guide an article. This courageous character keeps up the tradition of thanking God that the Lisbon earthquake of left no fatalities in the city.

To let a bus "run" through the town, as if it were the bull. It may seem a little odd, but we assure you, it is much safer to be pursued by a cautious driver honking the horn than by a runaway bull.

As with many other celebrations, the origin of this one is uncertain, but it is thought to date back hundreds of years. This festival will transports you to a magical time and place! The challenge is to trim the manes of these creatures who are completely untamed, clean and groom them and then mark each one.

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People talk about Romans or Celtics Wine Battle of Haro Spain is known for the amazing wine that is made there — and some feel that there is no better way to celebrate that delicious wine than to have a festival for it.

San Fermin Taking place from early to mid July each year, the San Fermin festival is a festival that brings parties to the streets of Spain. Among the characters you can find zamarracos dressed in sheepskins and loaded with bells, who are responsible for warding off evil spirits, and trapajones, whose costumes are made with natural materials such as bark, leaves, ivy, and straw.

Many people spend months preparing their costumes for this one special event! Examples of my work you can find on my blog on New York Essays.

Las Fallas Las Fallas, held each year in March in Valencia, and is a four-day festival full of performances, bonfires, and fireworks.

Top ten crazy Spanish Festivals

There are parades, floats, bands, and costumes. It lasts over a period of more than two or three weeks, with months of preparation ahead all the year round. The event is quite humane and no violence is practiced on the horses. Receive the monthly Enforex newsletter. There are lots of pantomimes, choir contests, folk-dancing and satirical skits.

Os Peliqueiros in Laza Galicia Source: Danza de la muerte in Verges Catalonia Source: Las Fallas Celebrated during the second week of March in Valencia, this festival is one of the most interesting and bizarre events in Spain.

The festival takes place in Haro, which is located in the La Rioja part of Spain — a section of Spain known for its amazing wine. During the festival, there is music, dancing, food, wine — and of course the customary wine fight, where celebrators…yes you guessed it….

Some of the important and interesting festivals are: Encierro del bus in Torralba Aragon Source: The tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when plague epidemics swept through Europe.

Top 5 Popular and Top 5 Unusual Festivals in Spain

The people celebrate with traditional dances, and the money collected in fines is donated to charity. Flickr In early May, locals dressed in regional costumes reminisce about a time when wood harvested from the lush forests in the area was carried down the River Esca on rafts. A dozen young men who have been specially chosen for that year walk on the burning coals carrying someone on their shoulders.

There is no shortage of curious, meaningful, and unique festivals in Spain. It is said that the Spanish love their festivals and enjoy partying, and on that note, they certainly know how to put on a good display when it comes to celebrations.

Historical traditions of carpenters burning their old stock are related to this festival which is in honor of St Joseph, their patron saint. Read this if you want to know more about my adventure.

A controversy to consider. On the first Saturday following August 2, tons of canoeists boat down the Sella River to celebrate. The opposition soon gets together and declares war on the first group. Battles ensue with flour, eggs, and firecrackers as the main weapons.

When the day is done, the coup comes to an end. Cats and dogs abound, but pet owners also bring more unusual animals, such as lizards, birds of prey, and farm animals, to have them sprinkled with holy water on the feast of Saint Anoton, the patron saint of animals.The first of our crazy festivals takes place every September in the Basque fishing town of Lekeito.

Unusual Fiestas in Spain

The competition, known as Antzar Eguna (Geese Day), has participants trying to rip off the head of a dead goose suspended on a rope over the town harbour.

The 13 Most Unusual Festivals In The World. Courtney Stanley. Updated: 16 June Spain. The Spanish Tomato Festival has run annually in August during a weeklong celebration in Buñol sincewhen a rowdy crowd took the tomatoes from a vegetable stall and started a food fight.

The hour-long tomato fight used up an estimatedTop 10 Unusual Festivals 7. By Mankani Deepa on April 13, Before heading to Spain, where people love throwing-festivals, let’s make a detour to Italy.

The Ivrea orange festival started centuries ago when love-struck damsels in balconies threw oranges at suitors in parades. Unusual Festivals in Spain.

Whatever time of year that you’re in Spain, you’re bound to catch some fiesta or festival in some part of the country! Apart from the plethora of religious festivals all over Spain during Christmas, Easter and fiestas connected with the various shrines and carnivals, there are ethnic and cultural celebrations.

Perhaps one of the most unusual festivals in Spain, and dates back to the ’s, is the El Colacho festival. In the town of Castrillo de Murcia, men dress in costumes (often as devils), and leap over newborn babies – in an attempt to wash away any sin from them. Spain has many interesting celebrations each year, often based on centuries old traditions.

We’ve compiled a guide to the seven most unusual Spanish festivals of all. We’ve compiled a guide to the seven most unusual Spanish festivals of all.

Unusual festivals in spain
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